10 March 2011


They say that in this world, there are two kinds of happiness. One kind of happiness you only know after the moment has passed, and the other one is a happiness you feel in the moment. That happiness you feel in the moment, is so precious, that they say that the memories of this kinda of happiness can stay with you and enlighten your life.

Maybe we can turn today, into the kind of happiness you feel in the moment, so that we can remember this happiness for the rest of our life.

--Dream High--

3 Sweet Roses!:

dream high???
cie korea tu ke??hehehe

byk saat gembira yg jadi kenangan. bila masa sedih akan teringat semula kenagan saat gembira

@Ieyla~A'ah, ekekeke, kan sis ni hantu korea, wakakaka!

@Sasa~Betul tu, sometimes teringin sangat kenangan manis tu berulang, uhuhuhu.

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