20 February 2011

Facebook + Blogger = FACEBLOG?

Aduiiii cutenya layout Faceblog ni, pink-pink kaler lagi tu. So kepada mereka yang gila blogging dan gila Facebook, jom join Faceblog.

Apa itu Faceblog? Nak tahu tak? Jom ke SINI.

So tunggu apa lagi, jom ajak kawan-kawan sekali, kita join ramai-ramai. :)

2 Sweet Roses!:

Honestly,i really sad azura,coz blogger faceblog use my own design but remove my link and another name of designer who inspirated me for made another color of facebook blogger T__T

aku sudah beri free but no respects for me,its ok, ikhlas saja ^_^v

anyway,aku pakai music from "4Minute-Creating Love", yang instrumental music, Ost. Personal Taste (Korean Movie) ^_^v
if u like also, try find at 4shared.com, i found there ^_^
ok nice to meet u azura ^_~v

@Miss Rinda~Awwww, so sorry to hear that my dear, I didn't know that, I thought you're the admin of this blog. :(

Btw, yeah, that song is so nice to hear, thanks a lot my dear, lol! I like it. :)

Owh, nearly forgot to mention, will grab one of your template design, it's so cute and creative Keep it up my dear :)

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