27 August 2010

My Life Forecast For Today

Everyday has it own story, here's for today, lol!

1. Get another buffered earnings from Celcom Facebook SMS.
2. Dapat laptop, member jual Acer Aspire 3680 for RM300 only! Still in good condition, hantamlah!
3. My friend, Fiona, babynya bebas G6PD! Thank God!
4. Fix error on that new laptop, thanks to Mr Google.
5. Too happy to know that so many people love my tweets and ask for more tweets. Do you have Twitter? Tweet me "NerdyAzura".

1. Customer banyak yang buang tabiat.
2. My Celcom Broadband modem sot, I really wanna cry. :'(
3. I saw stray cat and suddenly I miss my cat, Dodot. Where are you? :'(
4. Tired with my demanding & sarcastic boss. Thinking of looking for a new job.

P/s: But no worries, I can still be considered as lucky, lol! Thank God for the blessing today!

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