09 August 2010

Love Is In The Air!

We are all a part of a puzzle in someones life. You may never know where you fit, but someones life may never be complete without you. 

Real treasure lies not in what can be seen, but what cannot be seen. Real love lies not in what is done and known, but in what that is done but not known. Love sometimes no need to say much.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see someone smiling at you! No words are needed as the love shines in their eyes!

Do I make you smiles? Do I make you laugh? Is there anything I can do to make you happy? Tell me. I am here for you.

Each of us represents a star in Heaven. Sometimes we shine with the rest, and when we least expect it, we make someone else's dreams come true.

Of all the thing's I've started, loving you is the one that I'd never want to finish.

To love someone unconditionally means that you love the person exactly as they are, exactly as they were before, and exactly as they will be in the future.

Every woman deserves a man who will look at her each day like she is the most amazing woman he's ever laid eyes on.

We do not love people because they are beautiful, we find them beautiful because we love them.

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