06 July 2010


Brazil World Cup 2010

Can't wait to go home, aiyoooo! I want to continue to play my RED ALERT 2 pc game! I know RED ALERT 2 is outdated already, lol, but best la this game, last nite I didn't catch enough sleep because of this game, lol! It makes me forgot about WORLD CUP 2010 too, lol! Sigh, my favourite team, Brazil can't make it to the final, well, it's okay, I try to ease my pain by playing this game la, lol! Okay guys, enjoy reading my blog, thanks for coming, and see you soon... Don't forget to leave your footprints at my Chat Box, muaaaaxxxx! <3<3<3

Lot's of love,
Glitter Words

4 Sweet Roses!:

best tu game... dulu saya main tu... cuma sekarang ni tak terjumpa tu game...

yaloh, dulu nda brapa minat, tak tau ni tiba2 gila main, kekekeke, kalau dirumah, malas mo online, main ni game, susah pulak mission chrono defense tu bah!

cuba ko main tu torchligth... smart juga tu game ^^. macam diablo.. tp versi 3D

uiii, mana mo dapat tu sis? boleh bagi website tempat download ka?

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