10 July 2010

RED ALERT 2 Soviet Chrono Defense Mission!

This mission really pissed me off to death! It's the hardest mission (Soviet). I've been playing it for 4 nights and I still failed! Sigh. Just now I try to watch the walkthrough video (YouTube) on how to defeat the allied in this mission, I hope I can handle them tonight, lol! Can't wait! Here's the videos, hope it helps you out too!

2 Sweet Roses!:

hahahah. aku baru sampai mission yg kat wtc tuh. haha

@Fontonk~Kamu sokong sapa? Soviet ka? Kekekeeke! Saya sudah sampai misi 11, tapi susahlah, malas main, kekeke, kumpul kekuatan dulu, so main skirmish jak, kekekeke!

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