13 July 2010

Mother Sent Boy Back To Moscow Alone With Note Saying: "I Don't Want Him Anymore"

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Russia reacted with horror today over the heartbreaking story of a seven-year-old Siberian boy adopted by an American family who was sent back to Moscow alone - because his U.S. mother didn't want him any more. 

Little Artem Saveliev was last year taken from a grim orphanage and given a new life in Tennessee last year. But his adoptive mother Torry-Ann Hansen, a 34-year-old nurse, yesterday put him on a ten-hour flight as an unaccompanied minor with a note 'to whom it may concern' saying: 'I no longer wish to parent this child'. In his rucksack, she had placed sweets, biscuits and colouring pens for the journey. (Link)

Unwanted: Artem Saveliev is led away by authorities after being rejected by his adoptive American mother

5 Sweet Roses!:

kesian juga pada kedua2 pihak..budak itu patut dihantar ke pusat pemulihan dahulu..kalau kat surat tuh kata psychopathic..maknanya memang gila bahaya..

maybe the mum sayang juga dgn budak tu, tapi becoz of his attitude, dia terpaksa buat mcm ni, dia rasa marah sebab dia kena tipu oleh rumah anak yatim tu, dia tak tau budak ni psycho, kesian juga, budak tu memang kena jalani rawatan, sebelum bertambah teruk.

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