24 July 2010

Man Jailed For Beating Girlfriend While She Was Trying To Deliver His Child?

Marquevious Jabar Bell, a 20-year-old Rock Hill man, was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly beat his girlfriend while she was in the hospital, delivering their child. The victim was in labor, and given a medication that "made her groggy." The couple got into an argument, which led to Bell slapping his girlfriend across the face with an open hand, then hitting her several more times.

The victim handed hospital staff a note that read "please don't leave the room but make him leave, he 'stressin' me and I'm scared." Nurses handed the note over to security, who escorted Bell off the premises. The victim told authorities that he has hit her in the past, and even threatened her with a gun. She stated that she has tried leaving him over the past year and a half, but he refuses to accept the breakup.
Bell was booked into jail and charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

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