09 July 2010

How to Move On When A Man Breaks It Off

How to move on? Here's the instructions:

Things You'll Need:

  • Faith in God & Bible ( As for Christian)
  • Note pad & pencil
  • Garbage can
  • Library, bookstore or new hobby


2. DON'T CALL HIM. He does not care to talk to you, remember, he has already moved on.

3. Pack in a box or throw away everything he as given or bought you, this includes pictures, gifts, clothes, and what ever reminds you of him when you look at it.

4. Remove all numbers from all phones, block emails and other communications devices, such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. DON'T go to any establishments he visits, seeking to run into to him or his friends. You will appear pathetic to him.

6. Now, if you begin to miss him, then this should work. Get a note pad, write down every ugly statement he has commented to you and every ugly word he has called you, for instance, "bitch, your fat, your stupid," write it down.  DO NOT THROW YOUR NOTES AWAY, keep them at least half the length of the relationship. For instance, if your relationship lasted one year, keep your notes for at least six months or longer if needed.

7. Take pride in yourself. You are unique, there is no other individual in the world like you. Focus on your qualities, your character, values and morals. Get back to the basics. Everyone wants to be cared for, but you must first care and respect yourself

8.This is the most important, your faith to your God, it can be a strong factor in moving forward in any situation. Spending time praying (according to your religion) or just reading the Bible (for Christian like me) can make a difficult or painful situation manageable. 
"I am the healer of the broken hearted. I am the one whom bandages their wounds." [Psalm 147:3]

9. Another important point, forgive this person. Yes, you read this correctly. Do not become bitter, let go of the hurt and disappointment. When you are willing to forgive, you allow healing and blessing to transpire over you. In time, you will come to see how you have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
"You can do All things through Christ who gives you strengthen." Philippians 4:13

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