14 July 2010

Dog 'Shoots' Owner In New Zealand

Dog 'shoots' owner in New Zealand

A New Zealand man is recovering from surgery after being shot in the buttock by his dog. Police believe the animal stood on the trigger of a .22 bolt-action rifle in a freak accident. 

The dog's 40-year-old owner was getting into the rear seat of a four-wheel drive vehicle with the rifle next to him when the animal jumped in. The victim, who was in extreme pain, was airlifted by rescue helicopter to Whangarei Hospital where surgeons removed the bullet.

Luckily, he was in a stable condition. (Link)

2 Sweet Roses!:

can't imagine how's big d dog,,,,,was here,,,nice,,,

yaloh, so scary ooo, maybe the dog wants to hug the owner, lol! but unfortunately, shoot him pula.

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