13 July 2010

Child Bride Dies of Internal Injuries After Married For Only 4 Days

International rights groups are fighting to end the practice of child marriages in Yemen.

A 13-year-old Yemeni girl died of internal injuries four days after a family-arranged marriage to a man almost twice her age. Ilham Mahdi al Assi died last Friday in a hospital in Yemen's Hajja province. She was married in a traditional arrangement known as a 'swap marriage', in which the brother of the bride also married the sister of the groom. 

A medical report from al-Thawra hospital said she suffered a tear to her genitals and severe bleedingThe practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen and drew the attention of international rights groups seeking to pressure the government to outlaw child marriages.

2 Sweet Roses!:

what happened to our world these days...people are getting inhumane =(

(sigh) i don't know why they treat their underage daughters like this, she's still growing and not matured and ready yet for that kind of experiences (SEX).

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