26 July 2010

Car Falls 20ft Into Sinkhole At Traffic Lights During Storm

Miraculous escape for driver as car falls 20ft into sinkhole at traffic lights during storm.
Lance Treankler was driving his black Cadillac Escalade during torrential rains in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when the road opened up beneath him. 'The road just went out from under me,' Mr Treankler said. 'When I landed, my head snapped back. I went unconscious for a few seconds. 'When I looked up, I saw water run over me.'

Mr Treankler was rescued by a passer-by, 46-year-old Mark Pawlik, who was walking along when he saw the vehicle disappear and a traffic light land on its roof. Mr Pawlik said: 'The Escalade just went "wham". Everything went down. 'The power line went like "pow" and then I think it was sewer water was just pouring into the hole.'

The 20-foot-deep, 40-foot-wide sinkhole formed when a manhole collapsed, and will require several weeks to repair.

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