07 July 2010

6 Most Creative & Useful Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

These creative art pieces made from toilet paper rolls. Cool isn't it? Let's try to do it at home. Try to invent something that looks beautiful & useful. Have fun & be creative!

1. Funny Faces

2. Wall Decorations

3. Doll House

4. Cord Organizer

5. Stuffs Holder

6. Cute Crafts

7. Binoculars
Got this cute binocular from Amanda Grace. :)

6 Sweet Roses!:

yaloh tedi, ada2 jak dorang ni kan, memang kreatif la! saya tgh cuba buat cord organizer tu, memang bagus la, lega nampak wayar2 semua tersusun, kekekeke

love them all creativity to its hightest

Yeah, so cool, try it at home. :)

Thank you for your post. This is awesome, very adorable and perfect for the kids. We also created a similar project which can be found here:


Yeah, I saw your post, it's so cool, will try to do that one too.

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