29 June 2010

Russian Beauty’s Fake Breasts Burst During Transatlantic Flight!

Russian beauty’s silicone breasts burst during transatlantic flight

A size ‘F’ silicone implant in the breast of a Russian beauty burst during a transatlantic flight, forcing the woman to stay in hospital instead of enjoying California’s beaches.

The 45-year old woman, identified as Irena D., boarded the Boeing 767 in Moscow and set off to Los Angeles, Life.ru website writes. As soon as the plane lifted off the runway she started feeling unwell. But as the plane landed, the pain in her breasts got even worse, and the woman collapsed on the airport floor. 

The woman was rushed to hospital, where doctors found that one of her silicone implants had become damaged“It is unlikely that the flight by itself caused this damage,” one of the doctors said. “The lady must have had problems with her bust before the trip, and the pressure change and overload during the flight worked as catalysts.”

At the moment Irena is out of danger, staying in bed and under medical surveillance. But doctors seriously doubt that she will ever be able to restore her beautiful breasts to size F.

[ Courtesy of Mosnews.com ]

--Azura's Notes: Opps! Ladies out there still want to have fake breasts? Think about it...

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