19 June 2010

Quotes of The Day! [ LIES & BACKSTABBER ]

Cannot believe the lies some people tell to get sympathy!

If you have to lie about who you are in order for people to like you then you haven't found the right people. True friends love you for who you are!

"Achoooo!!!" Oh excuse me... I'm allergic to bullshit!

Sometimes I wonder what some people are trying to prove, that they're stupid? Or irrelevant? - Kimberlycun

I don't care if you talk about me behind my back because good or bad, my name is still in your mouth, lol!

Revenge gets you even with your enemy. Forgiving her puts you above her.

When your surrounded by idiots, just remember, murder is illegal and sarcasm is way more satisfying.

It hurts even more than you think when I find out you've lied, 'cause to me it seems like you don't care enough about me to tell the truth.

Break my heart with the truth before you lose my trust with a lie.

--Will update again, now time to go home, lol! Bye, have a blessed weekend!--

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