18 June 2010

Love Notes To A Pathetic LOSER!

Hi there, long time no see Steven SV, or Sangeetha N, or Isidore S! (Wow, 3 in 1, Trinity concept!) How's your day? And how's life over there? I got to know from a friend that you catch another victim, pity you can't even be yourself, and spreading lies MSN Onion Icons again and again. So funny, I respect you so much once, but now, you're are far worst than a shit! Sorry to say, but I really hate you Onion Emoticon Set for what you've done to me, and to the other girls. onion-head-emoticon-26 Thank God, I'm not that stupid like what you think I was. I know you're only telling lies, but I didn't say a thing because I saw you're enjoy doing it, and I love to see your stupidness by thinking that I will never get to know the truth! LOL!

How's your operation? Are you still alive? Damn! Last time, you said you only have 50-50 chances for that operation, and you even said that if I didn't accept you back, you rather die, lol! Onion EmoticonI guess the doctor was wrong! Stupid doctor I guess!

How dare you ask that innocent girl to block me on Facebook? And said all kind of bad things Onion Emoticon Set about me! Are you getting crazy? Are you afraid of me telling the girl who you really are? ROFL! I guess you should see a doctor, I mean it! Go get a REAL life, hey-you-son-of-a stop being a loser! You're only wasting your time here on earth. And go find yourself somewhere else Onion Icons (In Translation: GET LOST)!

To you SSV, if you happen to read this post, please stop your craziness, lead a normal and happy life and go get the BIBLE: (B)asic (I)nstruction (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth to read before it's too late. God bless you!

Onion Icon
Damn! You were such a jerk!

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