19 June 2010

Just A Bad Hair Day! (Sigh)

I'm quite sad and tired with all my problems, but still I tried so hard to look happy in front of others. I just don't want my family and my friends to worried about me. Just wondering, why he keep treating me like this? I tried my best to be what he wants me to be, yet, he still put all the blames on me. Lol! Sometimes, it's funny, I just can't understand! This so called "LOVE" thing. It's very complicated. I'm tired. I hope God will help to strengthen my faith, and I believe all this sadness will come to an end some day. I'll be waiting for it, and I hope when that day come, I will glorify His name, for all His blessing and unconditional love. Amen! God, please have a mercy on us.

**Bad Hair Day: A day on which one's hair seems unmanagable. Also extended to mean a day when everything seems to go wrong.

--Quotes of the day: The longest distance on the earth is not south to north, it is when I stand in front of you and you ignore me.

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