24 June 2010

Good Old Days With Bestest Friends!

I love photos, because they never change, even if the people in it change.

4 Amanah 2001

5 Amanah 2002

5 Amanah Sumandaks!

5 Amanah With Sir Lim (Physics) 

5 Amanah Class Photoshoot

MohamMad FauZi
Caledak Pao Pao

Darnih Fierce But Maintain Cute

3 Hot Bachelors

Sumok NyetNyet Becok!

Seng & Ram, both engaged! Hopefully me next, lol!

SM Holy Trinity Tawau

Only those that truly care, will see the hurt you will not share. For on your face you show a glow, but in your eyes the truth will show...

2 Sweet Roses!:


gambar tidak pandai menipu!

betul tu tedi, haizzz, tetibe rindu kawan2 kat sekolah dulu :)

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