29 June 2010

Chinese Man Lives in Phone Booth

phone booth Chinese Man Lives in Phone Booth: Who’s Calling Please? picture

For the last two years, a homeless man who refuses to give his name or even converse with anyone has been living in a phone booth in Dalian city, Liaoning province, China. No one knows the identity of this poor soul who sleeps during the daylight hours by curling up into a ball on top of cushions and ventures out at night begging for food.

Despite his stark, cramped and unappetizing surroundings, this man has managed to make a home for himself. He has found a spot to neatly stack a pile of food boxes and bottles of mineral water; his spare clothes hang from the roof of the booth.

Those who see him claim he is well groomed, has good personal hygiene and washes himself in public facilities. “He wears old and patched clothes, but he looks very clean. Quite often he checks his appearance in a mirror to tidy his moustache. He talks to himself in the mirror, but he never speaks to anyone else. Sometimes we offer him some food but he won’t accept, and he won’t speak a word,” says the janitor of the neighboring building who sees the man every day.

The man is in a world all by himself and does not appear to even notice the throng of curious passersby in heavily traversed Zhongshan Square. After two years, he has simply learned to ignore them as they pass to and fro commuting to work and living their busy lives.

“We want to find his family and send him home. But he never talks to anybody. It’s hard for us to know how to help him, said a community worker.

[ Courtesy of Weirdasiannews.com ]

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