30 June 2010

Bizarre Healing Rituals in India Show Dangerous Side of Tradition

Bizarre Healing Rituals

Devotees at a shrine at Solapur in western India's Maharastra observed a bizarre ritual of throwing infants for good health and luck from a height of 50 feet on to a cloth sheet held below where they seemingly bounce safely and are then handed to their mothers. This bizarre and dangerous ritual, which has been practiced for 500 years, has yet to count any fatalities, but that hasn’t stopped critics from deriding it as unsafe.

In the bizarre practice, the godman (spiritual guru) - Nek Singh - used to mercilessly thrash and trample women in the name of curing their ailments in his village Sidpura. The godman claimed that he can cure any ailment, including cancer. He would brutally beat up his patients - women and young girls - in the name of treatment. Ironically, people across the state used to visit him for treatment.

A huge crowd would gather at a Shiva temple in the village to watch the godma's way of treating his patients. It involved blows on the face, karate chops and a barrage of kicks. He would beat the women black and blue and even stand on their heads, endangering their lives. The godman claims that he is possessed by Goddess Kali who gives him the power to heal with his blows.

[ Courtesy of Weirdasianews.com ]

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