29 May 2010

Unbelievable? Believe It!

Baby Born With 8 Toes On Each Foot

10 Year Old Little Mermaid Born With Legs Fused
Shortly after her birth, Shiloh Pepin was given 72 hours to live. Now 10-years-old, Shiloh has made beating the odds and baffling the medical community a way of life. Born with a rare birth defect called sirenomelia, also known as mermaid syndrome, she is one of less than a handful of children known in the world known to be living with this usually fatal disorder.

Half-Man, Half-Goat Hybrid Born
Experts are puzzled by the reports and photos published in African newspapers. The creature, which died just a few hours after birth, had a huge head and a face that resembled a severely disfigured baby. The neck and shoulders were much like a small human, but it had goat legs and a tail.Residents of the village of Maboleni, where a goat gave birth to the creature, burnt the corspe in an attempt to rid the town of a curse. But local Governor Jason Machaya is sure, that it was a half-man, half-goat hybrid which was the result of bestiality: "A grown man was responsible for this."

2 Sweet Roses!:

sigh.....we really should be happy and contended with what we have now..

i do hope so too! but somehow, some parents will dump their baby if the baby is not normal, sad..

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