20 May 2010

Another Sad Stories... (T-T)

Many people attend animal circuses without ever sparing a moments thought for the animals involved. As long as they are fed & watered and look in good health then people presume that all is well? But if we look a little deeper we soon discover all is not as it appears for these caged animals. The life of a circus animal is a very cruel one. 

In Thailand, approximately 3,800 of the country's estimated 5,000 endangered Asian elephants are in private hands. Most are used as tourist attractions in elephant camps where they are forced to perform circus tricks and give rides. PETA has uncovered the horrific torture that is routine in Thailand's secret "training" camps. Still-nursing baby elephants are literally dragged from their mothers, kicking and screaming. They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These ritualized "training" sessions leave the elephants badly injured, traumatized, or even dead.

2 Sweet Roses!:

i guess we the spectators always overlook how these animals were tortured...sad....:-(

=( well . . . kesian > . >

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