26 March 2010

So Sweet of You

I got these amazing animation from a friend at my Tagged. Nice and relaxing.

23 March 2010

Darling It Ain't Easy

I'm Tired & Sad

This morning. You yell at me again. I'm sad, feels like crying, but I don't want to cry. I hate you for hurting me again and again. You keep saying you hate to see me cry, but don't you know, it is you who made me cry like this. And I'm such a fool for giving you so many chances, to hurt me again. 

I'm tired. I'm having my period, maybe that's why I'm so emotional today. God help me. Ease the pain in my heart. Terjadilah kepadaku menurut kehendak-Mu Tuhan dan bukannya menurut kehendak ku. Amen.

15 March 2010

Please Remember!

One day you are going to look back, after letting me go and think, "What have I done? I still love her." By then, it will probably be too late. I won't love you ANYMORE!


Hi everyone! Wake up! Time to go to work! I'm so happy, I'm so excited, my friend Fiona, will come to office today, hope she brings along her baby. Hehehe. Time flies. Its been a month since my friend took her maternity leave. Miss her so much. Bored to death, with no one to talk to at the office. Thank God,  still can chat with my friends at Facebook, LOL! But I wonder, why Facebook is called Facebook, because it has no face, and it's not a book, LOL! Well I think,the best combination in the morning is a cup of hot coffee and Facebook! Hurray! LOL!

09 March 2010


Opps, today I made my bf angry, hihiihii, phewwwhhh, luckily still can pujuk, ahaks! notty me!

08 March 2010


Please help these poor pets by giving them love and warm home.
More cute pets to be see, please CLICK HERE.
~Credit to Sherrina K~

05 March 2010

Who's The Animal Now?

02 March 2010


Is it too hard for you to appreciate me?

01 March 2010

Stressful But Still Happy

OMG, such a busy day! Mo siapkan itu ini, tak tau mo buat mana satu dulu, kekeke, curi masa jak ni blogging and facebooking. I've learned new things, even though I will be too busy after this, it's ok, I like upgrading myself, learn new things, mana la tau, nanti ada bisnes sendiri, pandai juga manage, hehehe. Berangan-angan. Memang kepingin ni mo buat bisnes, kalau la tercapai, maybe saya mo buat bisnes sulaman atau invent something more beautiful, maybe hantaran kawin punya barang2, or something unique untuk buat cenderamata, kekeke. Mudah2anlah ada rezeki, amen. :)


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