17 February 2010

Strange & Unique Food Art Show

Modern Way of Begging?

You Can't Eat Me!

Nice Butterfly Apple

Ouch! You're Hurting Me!

Swimming Watermelon?

Get Rid of Cellulite 

Guitar Made From Apple

Tomato Vs Orange

Evil Grin

Please Handle With Care

Yaiks! Do You Want To Eat This Kind of Bread?

Committing Suicide?

Thirsty Watermelon

Want Some Fresh Juice

Banana or Dolphin?

Home Sweet Home

Too Cute, I Don't Want To Eat

Pheweeeiitt! Sexy!

Banana or Doggie?

Caution: Men At Work

Yaiks! Ugly, No Appetite To Eat

OMG! So Cute!



Baby Kailan Fishes?

Please leave some comment, which picture do you like the most?

2 Sweet Roses!:

yaloh, never think of that kan? i only know how to eat, lol!

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