07 February 2010

Not Feeling Very Well

Hi bloggers, what a day, bored to death, and catch flu and sore throat. Can't eat anything. Luckily my bf cook for me, ihihihi. Thank God he can cook very well, sedap siot. My mood are not so good, marah2 him lagi. I know I’m really unreasonable. I’m really sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me. I love you. I'm sorry honey for treating you so coldly just now. I love you very much. Looking at his back view, it really made me smile. Or at least, my heart tickled and i felt nothing but pure love. I love him just so much. Now, what can I say? Today, I just realized that I still feel that kind of heart racing thing in my chest whenever people mention about him or I see him. I don’t know why too. Though I thought that all these affections will only be felt at the starting points in a relationship. It never appealed to me that after so long, I still feel that same way for him. I mean, don’t people have this feeling only when they’re falling in love? Most importantly, Im in love. With YOU. The only one for me, always. Anyway, goodbye for now. My eyes feels kinda blurry now. Which says, I'm tired. Alright, time for a break. Missing you, my dearest sweetheart. Hoping that we can meet tomorrow, or tonight, hehe. *prays hard*

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