26 February 2010


I'm thinking of going somewhere for a long holiday ALONE. Just want to relax my mind. I'm having too many problems lately, one after one, I'm tired. Sometimes, I'm bored with life. Bored with myself too. Too much thinking in my brain, until sometimes, I can't sleep thinking of it. And I took panadols, so that I can sleep. I know it's crazy, I shouldn't do that, but I just can't stop thinking. Unfortunately, I just can't go, I have to take care of my office matters, my family, my bf. It's hard for me to leave all my loved ones. But I really, badly need to be alone, to think straight again, to ease the pain in my heart, to wash away all my fears, and to be me again, the one who always smile. God, help me find a way, I know I can rely on You, only from You I can have the purest unconditional love. Amen.

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