14 February 2010

Haizzzz (Sigh)!

Hi everyone, today I supposed to follow my bf pulang his kg at KUALA PENYU. But unfortunately, I suddenly sakit, and the problem is, I thought I was just masuk angin, but then it become more painful (around my waist and stomach). Sad. I stayed at home, and for 4 days, mama urut and give me drink some air halia. Kesian mama, even though she also tired, but she still tidur2 ayam, taking care of me. I didn't tell my bf. He's angry with me, because I didn't ikut pulang kg. But my dad told him, and he became sad and worried like hell about me. I don't want my bf keep worrying about me, pity him. Celebrate Chinese New Year pun susah hati, huhuhu. Miss you honey.

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