02 January 2010

The Saddest Day of My Life

Just have a conversation on the phone with my bf's ex-gf. Crazy. What can I say to her? Huh. But luckily, the phone call went out like we were best friend! Sounds weird, I thought I'm going to mad at her. But it turns out that she need someone to talk to. I'm shocked. But, I can feel that she's a nice person. Being in love with my bf for 8 years, and my bf dumped her. I feel like a jerk. I don't know whether I should trust all her stories or not. But it seems to me that I can use it as a guideline for me to understand this man - my bf. Now, I'm thinking. I thought I finally found the man that truly loves me. Guess I'm not that lucky. At some time today, I start blaming GOD, why do HE plan this stupid and crazy life path for me. Yet, I'm lucky, and try to understand, that trials must be live and pass. Just like my dear friend Gemmy told me. And Hans ask me to be patient, not to act stupidly, maybe she's lying, maybe she want to make me to hate my bf. Because all the things she said, quite weird actually. My bf never do that kind of thing! So not him! He is the best man I've ever met! Of course with some mistakes - JEALOUSY! At least, this kind of experience makes me mature and understands that we should not trust this kind of GOD's hand creation - MAN!!!!

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