12 December 2009

X'mas Spirit!

Can't wait for X'mas to come. But so sad, can't go back to my kampung oOOo. Just celebrate this blessed day here at my home. Hope there will be sweet moment for me, my families and my bf, ihihihi. Tomorrow I'm spending my time with my bf, we will go shopping! Hurray! Just hope that we will never again argue over small kind of things! Both of us make promises to each other to control our anger, and to respect each other. Hope our relationship will last. Funny, how you do your best to make me laugh when you make me cry...

2 Sweet Roses!:

@StellaClaire-Richard~Hihihi, yaloh, best bah time X'mas, ni tahun saya mahu ambil cuti tahunan sa, rugi jak kalau habis burn nda dipakai.

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