06 December 2009

Tired of You

Waiting for someone, but yet, he still didn't show up, boring, I try not to think too much about it, but still, I keep wanting to sms and call him, to know what he's up to there. So sad, feels like crying, didn't he realize that, he always hurt my feelings? Still thinking what is the end of this kind of relationship. And still hoping for him to change. Is it all my fault? But the way he treat me, and talk to me sometimes makes me sad, and think that he put all the blames on me. Can't I be better for him? It been a year. Everyday, this relationship is getting worst. But I know, only God knows the best for me. If God thinks this man is the one for me, I am so sure, we will get through this. I LOVE U HONEY. More than what I can show you...

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