20 November 2009

Lazy Bone

Huh, I'm still at my office, with too many paperworks to be done, but why am I so LAZY? Been like this for nearly a month, owh no, I think 2 months, ehehe, how to push myself to finish up my work? 

Maybe I need someone who I can ask to do my work for me, ihihi. My office have been publishing advertisement in the newspaper, looking for a general clerk. So far, only 5 people come for interview, huh, and my supervisor have not yet decided, which one to choose. If she ask me, I think there's one candidate qualified for this position, she came for interview on Monday, with working experiences, already married and have two kids, hrmm.

I hope my supervisor picks her, ihihi. Okay guys, need to do my work now, daaaaaa.

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